Ooops!!! Did I Say That?

We say it so easily and without thought:

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I get that, but when you are steeped in grief – boy does that cut deep!!!!

If you know someone who is still grieving or experiencing their first holiday season without a spouse, parent, child, sibling, other family or close friend – please be mindful of how you talk to them about this.

Instead of saying Happy Thanksgiving you might try saying:

*I’m thinking of you as navigate this holiday without __ (insert the PERSON’s name) ❤️❤️❤️ We miss hearing it said.

*Do you have plans for Thursday? How are you feeling as the date approaches?

*How can I support you as you come into this season of all things happy when your heart is bruised and hurting?

*I love you and hate that ______ is not here to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, their birthday, anniversary, etc.

*I miss ______ and think of him/her a lot. (Then share a memory).

This season can be anytning but Happy, Joyful, Blessed or Beautiful. And most grievers don’t want to feel sad and off, but to stuff those feelings is not healthy. The only stuffing should be on a table – not in anyone’s hearts.

Be sensitive, be kind and be gentle – we are doing the best we can while we are walking around with half of our hearts gone, and bodies and minds that aren’t working like they normally do.

Finally, if these people cry – it’s OK! It’s usually because it means so much to know other people are thinking of you, that they haven’t forgotten your person and that they are honoring your immense loss.

If I’m writing about you – please know that I’m holding you in my thought and heart.

From my reassembled heart to yours ❤️‍🩹❤️

Berkley Thompson