About Me…

I have lived a life like most people. It’s had its ups and downs – but since May 29, 2007, life has been especially uncommon as I began my widow journey for the first time. Yes, you read that right…I was widowed the first time in 2007 and again in 2016 after being remarried for 6 years. 

The fact that I kept pushing on, in spite of overwhelming heartache and sorrow, became a theme in my FB Posts. I was repeatedly encouraged to begin a blog and write a book in hopes that others might benefit from my experiences. I don’t sugar coat my feelings and have had my writing described as raw and authentic (and even occasionally snarky).

However, I can only tell my story. The emotions and feelings I have are mine. While there are similar themes amongst all who grieve, our grief is as unique as our fingerprints, and I, in no way, can encapsulate what everyone feels as I write my posts. I do hope that others will be helped, or even feel validated, as they read what I share, but I cannot and will not ever suggest that I know exactly what anyone reading these posts is feeling, felt or will feel in the future.

I do think that I have a unique perspective because of being widowed so young (and twice) in only 9 1/2 years and therefore, feel that I am able to speak to a broad audience regarding numerous topics. I was widowed with kids at home, and as an empty nester, and both create their own challenges – which I address as honestly as I am able.

My blog is not directed to grief alone, but to the broad diversity of feelings, transitions and challenges we all deal with. For me, grief is at the root of many of my posts, but they might not be specifically about “grief work”. Whether you are personally dealing with loss or know someone who is – it’s my hope you will find something useful within the posts shared here.

From my broken and re-assembled heart to yours,